Test your SQLs online

Nowadays I am trying to answer questions about SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle on StackOverflow . You can see my profile card below :

 profile for Canburak Tümer at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Recently I am seeing a new web site link in answers, while I am navigating through as much questions as possible. That site called SQLFiddle where you can create an online database and try your codes.

Screenshot from web site
Screenshot from web site

As you can see above it is pretty simple, and it is really easy to use. There is different products and different versions for some products you can choose between. While I am writing this post, exact list was like below:

  • MySQL 5.5.30
  • MySQL 5.6.6 m9
  • MySQL 5.1.61
  • Oracle 11gR2
  • PostgreSQL 9.1.8
  • PostgreSQL 9.2.1
  • PostgreSQL 8.4.12
  • PostgreSQL 8.3.20
  • SQLite (WebSQL)
  • SQLite (SQL.js)
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • MS SQL Server 2012

Jake Feasel, creator of SQLFiddle, explains why he built the site as :

I found JS Fiddle to be a great tool for answering javascript / jQuery questions, but I also found that there was nothing available that offered similar functionality for the SQL questions. So, that was my inspiration to build this site. Basically, I built this site as a tool for developers like me to be more effective in assisting other developers.

How to use

So let’s talk about how to use SQLFiddle,

First of all, you select the product you want to use from combo box on top-left corner, next to site logo. Then you should create your schema, in left editor you can create tables and insert data to your tables. When you are done with coding click Build Schema button to run your code. Now you have your tables and data. You can write your queries in the right editor and run them. Results will appear below editors.


There is a limitation with MySQL, that Jake Feasel explains in About page. On the right editor you can only use select if you are using MySQL, with other products feel free to use all DML operations.


There are around 12 different log-in options like G+ and OpenID. When you login to site, you can see your Fiddle history, and your favorite fiddles. There is no other advantages of logging in yet.

That’s all for today. Do not hesitate to comment.

P.S. I am preparing new ODI post but I am really busy with my work these days. So follow my blog for updates.

2 thoughts on “Test your SQLs online

  1. hello i am Yakup, i saw your name in cagataycebi.com and you were making Java classes and you made a long lesson plan, but i only found two classes. why’d you stop making it? 😥
    i study computer science in China, and im in my first grade yet. i’ve been studying C language in Cagatay’s page, then i found a programmer friend and she recommend me to start with Java, so what is i am trying to say sayin AGABEYCIGIM cagatay abinin sayfasinda java derslerinde senin hazirladigin pfd yi gordum ve bing.com’da tarattim karsima bu blog cikti. e posta adresini bilseydim oraya yazardim. cagatay agabeyin anlatisi ve sizin anlatisiniz benziyor, ve kafam baska sitelerdekinlere youtube videolarina hicbir seye basmiyor, derslerin devami nerededir acaba ??? buradan yaziyorum cagataycebi forum’dan da yazacagim ayni mesaji lutfen geri donus yapin bekliyorum.tesekkuru sona sakladim bakip acmazsiz diye. yaptiklariniz ve yapacaklariniz icin kendim ve tesekkur etmeyecek herkesin adina tesekkur ediyorum


    1. Hi Yakup,

      I have started that lectures but then because of lacking of time. I stopped writing them, I am sorry about that. But I will not continue writing these lectures.



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