Monthly Challenges : July ’15

So another month is over. My challenges and statuses are listed below.

On Going Challenges

– Work another month with Standing Desk, checked. I believe I won’t return to a sedentary work life, I really got used to my desk and working without a seat.
– Lose three more kilograms, failed. I’ve only lost around 600-700 grams.

New Challenges

– Tidy up my house, checked. Since we are having a really hot summer, I didn’t want to do anything but resting when I got home. So it got really untidy, but with this month’s challenge now I have a tidy house and it effects my life also.
– Exercise for at least 19 days (which is 2/3 of challenge range), failed. I only exercised 4 or 5 days.
– Publish two drafts, checked. You can find them on :
– Publish two Vlogs about extreme sports, checked.

Most of the challenges completed for July ’15. See you on the 7th of September for August Challenge Report.

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