ODI 12c: After TROUG BI/DW SIG Day 2014

It has been about one week since TROUG BI/DW SIG Day. And I just found some time to write about the event.

First there was ODI, OGG, EDQ and Exadata Integration presentation by Gurcan Orhan, it was a really helpful and compact presentation. Architectural designs, tips and tricks about these tools and general information about them was the content of this presentation.

Then we had a session about Graphical Data Mining on Financial Data, this was a bit boring and out of the concept actually. It has an acamedic perspective and presentation of a tool about graphical data mining. And unfortunately they ran out of time and had an overtimed session about 15 minutes, which caused my session to start late.

Third, session is mine, it was just before the lunch break, and unfortunately I had to start late. So it went real quick and I was excited since it was my first presentation in this area. I believe I forgot some of the key points I had to say. You can find the presentation below.

After lunch break we had series of very useful sessions. Starting with Hadoop & DWH by Ersin İhsan Ünkar, which replied some false myths about hadoop, and show a road map about Hadoop in DWH. Also some use cases about where to position Hadoop in enterprise DWH projects.

Sessions continued with Compression In Hadoop by Selahattin Güngörmüş. In my opinion this is the most useful session. He talked about compression algorithms, how to use them in Hadoop environment, pros and cons of compressing files in Hadoop.

Last session was about Analytic Functions for DWH by Emrah Mete. He talked about some useful functions, which most of the DWH developers use I believe. But it was nice to see most used and most useful functions all together in one session.

At the end it was a nice and useful day for DWH developers, there were really nice presentations. Thanks TROUG for the organization and also giving me chance to speak at such a nice event.