ORA-01455 Error

Hello again,

Recently a colleague asked me about an ORA error he encountered. It was first time that I saw this error. But thanks to Google and OTN, I found a solution.

ORA-01455 : converting column overflows integer datatype

in our case the source of this error is the version difference between database and the database client. He was trying to export database using TOAD, which had an Oracle Client 10.2.0 in background. But database was Oracle11gR2. And this caused the ORA-01455 error. Updating the client solved the problem.

Also there is a known bug report about this error on OTN forums. Which has been fixed in Oracle DB 10.2.0 version. So if you have a newer version, but you get the error please check version compatibility between database and client.

There was another solution which is using ‘no audit export’. But we could not set this parameter in TOAD environment. If you are exporting your database directly using SQL, then this can be a solution for your case.

Thanks for reading, questions on comment section please.